How it Works

Step 1.

Interested applicants fill out an application, and contact a staff member to schedule an interview.

Step 2.

During the initial interview, a Home & Heart staff member will take time to get to know each applicant to better understand what they are looking for in a roommate.

Step 3. 

Home & Heart staff will conduct background checks on interested applicants and conduct home inspections on Home Providers. Home & Heart staff will then match participants. Ultimately, the Home Providers will have the opportunity to pick which Home Seeker they think will the best fit.

Step 4. 

Once both sets of participants feel that the living arrangement may be a good fit, an optional trial sleepover period is encouraged to ensure successful cohabitation.

Step 5.

When participants are matched, the program director will assist the pairs in creating an individualized living arrangement that captures the unique need of every match.

3 Types of Agreements

Traditional Rental Agreement – The Home Seeker pays affordable monthly rent to the Home Provider.

Service Exchange – The Home Provider will offer the Home Seeker free rent in exchange for services such as housekeeping, transportation, and meal preparation.

Mixed Arrangement  – In addition to reduced rent, Home Seekers provides services for the Home Provider.

Step 6. 

Upon enrollment, participants will be formally oriented to the Home Share program and provided training regarding successful cohabitation skills and conflict resolution. 

Home & Heart staff will provide ongoing support with monthly follow up calls and home visits.