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Home And Heart FAQs

There is a $30 application fee to cover the cost of background screening, due at the time of the intake interview. The application fee is non-refundable but can be waived if their is financial hardship.  We accept checks or cash, checks can be made out to Home & Heart.  

Home & Heart works to create a safe housing program by carefully screening applicants, processing background checks, conducting home visits, and evaluating each individual through the intake interview, reference checks, and an array of interactions that occur with each individual we serve. We also provide ongoing support for the challenges that home sharing can present including conflict resolution and mediation.

Home & Heart is not a caregiving service. There are no hands-on activities permitted as part of the match agreement including bathing, dressing, and toileting. Services are generally custodial or companionship oriented. Home providers are often looking for help with cooking, housekeeping, pet care, yard work, and transportation; companionship includes everything from movie and tv watching together, to board games and cards. 

No. Home & Heart does need permission from the owner of the property, but we are willing to work with any property managers, public housing agencies, and/or mobile home parks that are willing to support your homeshare.

Unfortunately, home sharing is not rapid rehousing. The process of matching takes time and we cannot guarantee that we will find at match at all. Once an applicant is officially onboarded, a staff member will contact them when a potential match becomes available. Please note that Home & Heart does not place people in homes, we facilitate introductions between two interested parties who are compatible on paper. It is up to each participant to decide whether a match is the right one for them.  Therefore, the matching process can take as little as a month but can take much longer and depends on a 

Home & Heart does screen for criminal history. Individuals with a history of abuse of any kind are not eligible to participate in the home sharing program. All others will be considered on a case by case basis. Additionally, any conduct toward staff that is considered abusive, harassing, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate will result in a client being determined ineligible for services.

Yes.  Most home providers only want to live with an individual without children, partners or pets.  However it really just depends on what home providers are looking for and open to at while a home seeker is active with us.

After you fill out an application, a staff will contact you for your intake interview, where we will learn what you’re looking for in a housemate and what your needs and lifestyle preferences are. At this meeting we will ask you lots of questions to get a good sense of what your needs and goals are.  We will also collect a copy of your photo ID,  proof of income and your social security number to complete all the necessary forms for your background check. After, we will run a background check and contact your references. Home providers will also have a home visit completed where we ensure that the home is safe and appropriate for a housemate. Once all these steps have been completed, you will be considered officially onboarded. From there, staff will start working to identify possible matches for you to meet.

Yes!  In fact, we recommend home seekers who are interested in working with a home provider who is eligible for IHSS become certified so they can use IHSS to be compensated for hands on caregiving and other eligible tasks.  

All lease agreements are on a month-to-month basis.  If there are any issues in the match, staff should be contacted for conflict mediation.  If that does not fix the match, Home & Heart will support both parties to transition the match.