Find Home Share Rentals in Butte County

Types of Home Sharing

There are three types of home sharing arrangements for affordable housing:


Traditional Rental Agreement

This is most like a traditional home sharing roommate situation.  An agreement is made to pay an affordable amount of monthly rent to the home provider. 


Service Exchange Only

You (home seeker) and the home provider will negotiate the number of hours and types of services provided each month in lieu of rent; you are still responsible for your portion of the utilities and your personal expenses. Services may NOT include personal care such as bathing, toileting, or medication management. They often include housekeeping, gardening, yard care, transportation, meal preparation, and companionship.


Mixed Arrangement

This combination of cash rent and service exchange is our most common arrangement and offers the benefit of lower rent cost in exchange for some service hours.

Home & Heart


Eligibility is the same for all participants and is as follows:

Home & Heart

Success Stories

Rob & Chuck

Rob was in need of housing and had been living in his car and was introduced to Chuck, a 95-year-old Camp Fire survivor who lost his home in the fire and was living in a new house in the same spot. Chuck is self-sufficient but isolated and lives for his once-a-week dominos game with a friend from church. When Rob and Chuck were introduced they hit it off immediately and began chatting like old friends. They decided to start a two-week trial and when we checked on the new housemates their power had been out for two days, but they were laughing about it and enjoying getting to know each other in the dark. Rob has proven to be a huge support for Chuck, ensuring he can get to his doctor’s appointments, has regular meals, and is generally a kind caretaker for his housemate.