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Sharing a Room in Your Home

Types of Home Sharing For Providers

There are three types of home share arrangements:


Traditional Rental Agreement

This arrangement is most like a traditional roommate situation. The home seeker will pay an affordable amount of rent plus their share of utilities. There is no exchange of services with this arrangement.


Service Exchange Only

You and the home seeker negotiate the number of hours and types of services provided each month in lieu of rent. You would still receive money for utilities. Services may NOT include personal care such as bathing, toileting, or medication management. They often include housekeeping, gardening, yard care, transportation, meal preparation, and companionship.


Mixed Arrangement

This combination of cash rent and service exchange is our most common arrangement and offers you the benefit of some extra income and some service hours every month.

Home & Heart


Eligibility is the same for all participants and is as follows:

Home & Heart

Success Stories

Sam & Brienna

You wouldn’t know there is a 60-year age difference between Sam and Brienna – the connection these housemates share is what we strive for with every match. Sam is our oldest home provider at 100 years old and joined Home & Heart to find a housemate to cook for him on weeknights. What he found is a kindred spirit in Brienna. At their initial meeting there was an easiness to their interaction that was lovely and they quickly agreed to a trial move-in period that has since become a full match. They regularly plan Friday night movie nights and work to plan dinner menus for the following week. Sam is getting his needs for meals met, but he also has a new friend and has said that, ‘He wished he could have met her two-years ago.” They continue to enjoy their match and have both expressed how perfect this match is for both of them.